SEO services in Spain for your website.

Muddlemetrics focuses on making sure that your SEO project obtains a return in Spain. Our campaigns place your company among the first results on Google. We increase your web traffic and attract new customers through a careful and solid process.


The success of a good strategy starts with a web audit. Search engines should not find obstacles that reduce your visibility.


The web traffic level has a direct impact on all on-page elements that are optimized.

A photo of our seo agency in spain.The office is located in coruña

Total visibility

With our SEO strategy, you will get more visibility on Google Spain and, therefore, more spanish customers. Google awards our projects with better rankings for your website.

OFF page

A strategy focused on increasing your domain authority, optimizing your anchor texts, and monitoring toxic or broken links.


A good strategy needs a report to save you time in making decisions.

"You can have the most beautiful website, but without SEO, you will not be visible."

Questions and Answers about our SEO in Spain

You can have the best content, but if the SEO of your website is not optimized, you are not going to appear among the first results.

Today the 94% of Europeans use Google as a search engine to make queries about companies. The main asset of SEO is to drive traffic to your website. Traffic can be captured by other channels such as paid media. However, most potential clicks are made on organic results.

Usually, an SEO project takes a few months to get results. Depending on your niche and the keywords’ competition, after six months, you may find your website among the first results. Once the audit has been carried out, all the on-page changes can be executed in less than two months; however, to ensure that these improvements take effect, the internal content of the website must be strengthened day by day.

The strategy does not end with our optimization. It is advisable to keep an alert profile since Google makes 3 or 4 algorithm changes per year, and your rankings may be affected in Spain

Search engine spiders are in charge of tracking all links that a web page has. Based on the links, they determine the authority that your website has over the competitors.

Creating valuable content is essential to make sure that other websites can connect with our website.