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We are obsessed with metrics

We thoroughly examine your page, your market, and your competitors so that your digital growth is from the root.

SEO drives traffic to your website and improves your ROI.

Google dominates the level of Internet searches with a market share of 94%. Being in the first results is essential for a company.

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Efficient tracking

The monitoring of analytics allows us to carefully coordinate everything we do, and analytics is the key to your business.
First is to make sure that your website has a tracking code that we can measure and inform you of everything that happens on your website. From there we establish metrics that allow us to analyze your potential client.

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On-page optimization

Small changes can be highly beneficial for Google. User experience is something that should prevail on a website. A relevant metric is to have a good Dwell time that stands at 3 minutes per session.

Each page must have a maximum number of images and size no larger than 400 KBS. HTML must take precedence over JavaScript.

  1. Review and optimization of page titles
  2. Update meta descriptions for URLs
  3. Checking ALT TEXT
  4. Canceling duplications
Monthly reporting

Each report can be customized to suit your company. We have metrics that help us know exactly where optimizations are being applied at all times, without assessing inappropriate statistics for your company or even KPIs that are not useful to measure at that point in the funnel.

Organic acquisition traffic
New visitors
Indexed keywords

 We discover through data where to focus