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Muddlemetrics offers the methodology to achieve the optimal visibility and metrics for your company

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Our SEO in the spanish market provides solutions for brands. Our method get your business in front of the right people to increase the traffic on your website

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How good is a brand if you can't defend it? Your content should answer questions. On every website a user inevitably has to spend time. Are you aware than more 3 minutes of users retention will improve your ranking in Google?

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Muddlemetrics was born to help companies with their SEO services in Spain. It was created to review and establish those metrics are useful to achieve your company’s goals.

Did you know that there are more than 200 factors that can affect your website? We thoroughly examine your page, your market, and your competitors so that your digital growth at the roots of the digital foundation.

That is why after having analyzed and studied the main ways of acquiring traffic to a website, we have decided to take a step forward and focus on SEO services.

Finding the most suitable consulting service for your website can be complicated. If a company wants to be a leader in its niche, it has to think about leading in all aspects, and the Internet is certainly not going to be less.

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On-page optimization

SEO drives traffic to your website and improves your ROI.

Google dominates the level of Internet searches with a market share of 94%. Being in the first results is essential for a business. Small changes can be highly beneficial for Google. User experience is something that should prevail on a website. A relevant metric is to have a good Dwell time that stands at 3 minutes per session.

Each page must have a maximum number of images and size no larger than 200 KBS. HTML must take precedence over JavaScript.

  1. Review and optimization of page titles
  2. Update meta descriptions for URLs
  3. Checking ALT TEXT
  4. Canceling duplications


We are obsessed with Metrics !

Each report can be customized to suit your company. We have metrics that help us know exactly where optimizations are being applied at all times, leaving out  a neccesary statistics or KPIs that are not important to your business.

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